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Introducing The Robot Program

Welcome to The Robot Program! A video series that teaches technology using robotics. Building, programming, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and more.

May 4th (be with you)

Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E introduce Star Wars robots and discuss the use of robotics in Star Wars. Enjoy a very special May the Fourth (be with you) episode! Featuring JD Humanoid as Darth Jader. DJ's R2D2 and ATAT Walker built with the IoTiny and EZ-B v4 Developer Kit

HDD Servo Overview

Robot overlord DJ Sures and guest Jeremie demonstrate the new and improved HDD servos using a JD robot.

Developer Kit & IoTiny Overview

Robot Overlord DJ Sures and Professor E show robots that DJ has built with the EZ-B v4 Developer Kit and IoTiny. Many special guests in this episode, including R2D2, InMoov, Dalek, Wall-e and more!